What is it used for?

What can we take from it?

Cartoon is mostly thought of in relations to Children. However, as the years goes by, we are exposed to a new way of expressing of opinions, thoughts and emotions.

Today, it is easy to spot Cartoons or various drawings in the wide media sphere.

You can locate almost an entire section in every newspaper of a cartoon or drawing designed to convey a specific message to the mass. The message is usually self concurred, however, very easy to understand and almost always funny or scary. We know its designed to rattle us to think.

We see – We Think

Cartoon throughout history and the human time span is always assembled with a message.

What is the message?

Frame your Mind

Cartoons or drawings are making us think, imagine, create.


It is your responsibility as a thinking human to notice your surroundings. Notice the subtexts of everything. This is a much needed growth upon us.